At T. Roller Painting we try to be as neat as possible because we know that the general painting process can be messy. Seeing things similar to drips, light spots on newly painted areas and little touch-up areas are common in our workspace. We are fully aware of them, and always fix them up along the way to complete the project. You can rest assured that we will leave you the cleanest, highest quality paint job in the neighborhood!



There are some quick reminders for clients that are expecting us:

- Make sure all furniture is at least five feet away from all walls. In bedrooms, furniture should be moved either into the center of the room or out of the room entirely.

- If the ceiling is being painted as well, make sure that the entire ceiling is accessible when you are moving your furniture. Walking paths are needed.

- All electrical outlets and switch plates will be removed before painting starts. Replacement of these will have to be done a few days after the job is done so they do not get stuck to the walls permanently. 

This is a great time to wash all plates, they are dishwasher safe.

- Please be aware that furniture should not be placed back into a project room until 24 hours have gone by to let the paint properly dry.


There are some quick reminders for clients that are expecting us:

- All plants and bushes that are touching the house need to be trimmed back to allow one to two feet of room next to the house.

- Any patio furniture, planter boxes, hose reels, barbeques, etc. should be moves a minimum of 30 feet away from the house.

- A clear driveway is needed every morning for a project, for we have a box van that carries our equipment that we need access to at any time.

- All vehicles need to be parked away from the house because of spray painting and the slight chance of over-spray.

- Access to running water and exterior outlets is important.

Interior Design

Along with our own business of interior and exterior architectural work, we have a great relationship with                                       
They are a business that finishes any renovation project with a delicate and steady hand for final touches. With experience in color, furniture cohesion, and overall arrangement in a room, this business is always our next step for clients.

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