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I have worked...

Jordan P.

October 2012


I have worked for and with many painting companies in the Kitsap County area, and from my experience of working with Tim and T. Roller painting for even just one season they are by far the most professional, most quality oriented, customer satisfaction oriented, and cleanest most organized painting company I have ever seen. Not only does Roller painting produce quality works they also focus so much on positive customer interaction and their employees are the cleanest cut and a most respectful group of guys I've ever seen on a paint crew. T. Roller Painting is a very impressive outfit.


My Husband and I...

Mary Lous S.

Date Unknown


My husband and I hired Roller Painting to paint the exterior of our house and garage. Mr. Roller came and gave us an estimate for the job and sat down with us and went over every aspect of the contract so that we were clear as to exactly what he would be doing from the power washing to the completion of the project.Mr. Roller and this crew arrive on the date and time we had agreed upon. He and his crew were timely, courteous, clean, and capable. They completed the job on the date we had agreed upon.The following day Mr. Roller and one of his crew arrived and walked to the exterior of the house and garage with use to make sure everything was completed and per our contract and to our satisfaction.I am so pleased with the way our home looks. I have referred friends to Roller Painting and felt very comfortable that their experience would be as positive as ours.It is encouraging to know there are companies like Roller Painting that have integrity in their work and that hire employees that have the same work ethic.

We are pleased...

Marc and Karen V.

September 2009


We are pleased to recommend Tim's Roller company to perspective clients. T. Roller Painting and Pressure Washing recently completed painting the exterior of our McCormick Woods residence in Port Orchard.

Tim and his crew were professional, prompt, neat, and always polite. Tim took extra time advising us on color and trim choices, as well as, supervising his crew. No small detail was overlooked.

The exterior of our home looks beautiful and we are delighted with the finished product. It is a job well done.

My Name is Kelly...

Kelly Worden

Date Unknown


My name is Kelly Worden and I work for Kelly Moore Paint Co. I have worked for Kelly Moore Paint Co for 2o years and I am writing this letter on behalf of Tim Roller and his Company (Roller Painting LLC), to explain my relationship with Tim as well as what I know of Tim and his Company. Tim and I have known each other for seven years now, and I have come to believe that Tim is one of most acute and for planned persons that I know. His work is as good as I have seen, however, his planning and therefore his execution is far better than 90 percent of the Painting Contractors I know and sell to. Through the years I have come to expect more from Tim's jobs because he has never underperformed and often given extra that he has not charged for because he understands the value of a good reference and is obviously looking far further down the road than most of his competition. Roller Painting always shows up in clean white clothes and I have never heard of any inappropriate behavior or language from his crew, which is almost unheard of in this industry. I have and will continue to recommend Roller Painting LLC. to any and all that ask for a recommendation.

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