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My name is Tim, and I followed the American Dream to start my own business, a personalized and professional painting company. It has now been over fifteen years since I first started my dream, and I have never looked back. I have worked hard to build a company with a strong reputation for professionalism and quality of work. This business places a high value on not only being that right business for your job but having the right people for the job. Whether it be interior or exterior, we promise to give you the best paint job around!

T. Roller Painting, Port Orchard Painting Company

Want to see who has used T Roller Painting? Do you want to see what they can do?

T. Roller Painting, Port Orchard Painting Company
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Along with our excellent quality of services, we also recommend furthering your remodeling. We have a great relationship is Viver Interiors, our own friendly sister-business that continues with great outcomes.

T. Roller Painting, Port Orchard Painting Company
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Do you need your living room to feel more at home, or just need a pop of color? Say no more, just click for more information and we can show you what we do best!

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